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Pat M Chin

I work closely with my clients to provide the best products for their homes and the best nutrition for their bodies.

For years, my passion has been to help every person to have access to the highest quality, affordable and effective ways to sleep better, feel better, look better, and be more successful.

It would be an honor to help you discover your own path to home health and wellness!

Pat M Chin

has common sense solutions for water, sleep, nutrition, support and balance, which place the power over your health back into YOUR HANDS.

What Is Your Body Burden?

Our bodies are bombarded with numerous chemicals that we ingest from our food, breathe in our air, and consume in our water. The toxic load caused by this build up of harmful chemicals in our bodies is known as Body Burden. Our bodies have self-cleansing mechanisms, but if you expose yourself to more toxins than your body can eliminate, they will accumulate in your fatty tissue and organs. The greater the accumulation, the greater the stress on your health.

Are You Someone Who...

  • Suffers from an autoimmune disease or allergies?
  • Experiences chronic pain and/or fatigue?
  • Doesn't sleep through the night or even after a night's sleep, you still wake up feeling tired?
  • Has unwanted pounds that linger or comes back after losing the pounds?
  • Suffers from migraines or headaches and not sure the reason why?
  • Has concerns (or maybe not even aware) of the harmful impact of chemical cleaners?

Organic Products That Nourish, Comfort, and Ground You

Enviornment · Rest & Relaxation · Personal Care · Nutritionals · Lifestyle · & More

Healthy & Sustainable Cleaning and Personal Care Solutions

Microfiber · Laundry · Kitchen · Bathroom · Face &  Body · & More

Be a Voice and an Educator in Your Community

Help the World. Help Your Friends and Family. Help Yourself.

How Does It Work?

Make good health a priority – you’ll be surprised how simple it can be

With my 38+ years of experience at Citigroup, I take my practical knowledge of problem solving, processes and systems and apply it to everything I know about creating a healthy home environment. I research the products available to ensure that you get the highest quality to create the best possible environment for you and your loved ones.   I am ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

Step 1: Schedule a consultation with me

Step 2: When we meet, we will review your needs/areas of focus based on the completed questionnaire

Step 3: Finally, work with me to implement your plan and create your wellness home