It’s About More than New Pencils and Paper

It’s that time of year again. Like the ushering in of a new season, back to school time approaches with all its newness … reoccurring newness, but newness all the same. There are new schedules, new bedtimes, new teachers, new school clothes, and new supplies. A fresh start, so to say. And the perfect time for some new healthy habits to go along with it. After all, children need to learn more than math and reading, they also need to learn about the benefits of clean living. Maybe you’ve instilled those habits all along or maybe your family is new to this way of life, but this time of year presents the perfect opportunity for some refreshers. Arguably, it’s even more important this year to stay healthy and strong, while in the midst of a global pandemic.

When we teach children about clean living, it’s important to talk about the distinction between just cleaning their bedrooms or doing their chores to help keep the house clean. It’s also not just about protecting themselves from COVID-19. While those are all important pieces of the puzzle, clean living for children, just like for us, is really about making proactive decisions to increase overall health and well-being. As adults, we know what we need to do (or we are learning), but how much time are we teaching our children about the choice to live clean?

Here are some helpful tips on incorporating clean living into your child’s new back to school routine:

  1. As those supply requests come home from teachers and schools, avoid using them as simple checklists for the store. Rather, take notice of what is included and gather your questions for the teacher and/or school:
    • How many items requested are plastic?
    • Are any items toxic?
    • What items can be switched out for more environmentally friendly ones?
    • What type of soap is the school using? Is it fragrance-free and non-toxic?
    • What type of hand sanitizer are they using?
    • If the child is pre-school to kindergarten age, what types of snacks will be provided during the day?
    • What items can be switched out for more environmentally friendly ones?
      • For example, Norwex offers many superior products, including hand sanitizer and travel envirocloths, to replace the harsh sanitizers and wipes often used in schools.
  2. Fill your child’s lunchbox with a rainbow of colors.
    • Replace chips and cookies with vegetables and fruit.
    • Make it a game with them to see how many colors you can get in their lunchbox.
  3. Practice handwashing techniques that they can use in school. Remind them to:
    • Lather with soap and water,Scrub for 20 seconds,
    • Rinse well, and
    • Dry with a clean towel.
  4. Encourage more activity during the school day.
    • Depending on their age level, ask the teacher about recess, physical education, or other times the children will be physically active during the day.
  5. Encourage more activity before and after school.
    • If the school is within walking distance, consider the possibility of walking your child to and from school each day.
    • Remind your child about the many benefits of walking, including getting his or her heart pumping, feeling less anxious, developing stronger bones and joints, burning calories, and providing a brighter mental outlook.
    • Finally, remember that walking to school gives you all those added benefits, as well. And to help keep your feet feeling their best through all those extra steps, our partners at Nikken are offering a deal on KENKO mStrides® and mSteps® insoles. Through August 16th, you can get three for the price of two! These insoles provide proper balance and support, like a relaxing and energizing massage while you walk. Now, you have even more motivation to get active with your children and take care of your feet with the most advanced and durable insoles in the world.

Clean living, both for us and our children, is really about making intentional, healthy choices in what we eat, how active we are, the products we use, and the ways we help our environment. Help your children understand why this is so important in terms they can understand, based on their age level, and progress with more difficult concepts as they get older. There’s no better time than back to school to learn some new, healthy, clean habits.

For more information about teaching your children about clean eating and living, please schedule a call. Together, we can navigate your child’s clean living journey to help ensure a better, cleaner future for us all.

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