June is about more than celebrating dads across the country with cute gifts and fun barbeques. This year let’s give dads something that will last a lifetime – a renewed focus on their health. And since June has been designated national Men’s Health Awareness Month by the Men’s Health Network, it’s the perfect time.

This national observance is primarily focused on raising awareness about health care for men and the health problems that are avoidable with improved choices and awareness. By encouraging men and boys to practice healthy living with exercise and better eating habits, we can also increase early detection and treatment of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and depression.

With the increased focus on men’s health and wellness this month, you’ll likely find various national screenings and educational campaigns throughout the country. There are also more health fairs and other outreach activities, all with one clear message – men and boys should take control of the health issues that impact them most with proper awareness, screenings, and care.

These fairs and activities are a great way to learn more, but some question what they can do right from home. So, I’ve put together three quick tips to celebrate the month and your health (or your loved one’s) at the same time:

1) Make some changes to your diet

Men’s Health Awareness Month is an ideal time to start making changes to the way you eat. This does not mean a crash diet or fasting or any other extreme option. It means small tweaks that will make a big difference. You can choose to cut back on alcohol or processed foods or increase your fruit and vegetable intake or opt for leaner meats. And I promise you, if you can stick with these changes for this month, you

can stick with them much longer!

2) Set some goals

This is also a great time to take a look at where you are today with your health and make decisions about where you want to be. This can be at a physical with your doctor (always good to do) or on your own. Then, set your goals. Do you want to lose weight? If so, how much? Do you want to build more muscle? If so, what is your plan to do so? Do you want to eat more fruits and vegetables? Set small, achievable goals and work on them consistently to turn them into your new reality.

3) Get educated

Take this month as the opportunity it is to learn as much as you can about common health issues that are specific to men, as well as the measures best used to prevent them. A great source is the CDC and, of course, your doctor.

Another important point is to start young. It is never too early when it comes to knowledge about our health. So, talk to your sons and grandsons and help them understand that taking care of their health now is the best way to help minimize risks in the future. And most importantly, lead by example.

Our partners at Nikken are also helping us celebrate the men in our lives by empowering them to take care of themselves with active wellness. Nikken wants all men to live healthy, active, and long lives. And to encourage them, they are offering a special Father’s Day Pack through June 30th.

This pack specifically targets the immune system and gut health with:

  • One bottle of Kenzen® Immunity (a blend of 14 mushrooms, chosen for their immune-boosting abilities) and
  • One bottle of Kenzen Lactoferrin® 2.0 (fuels good gut bacteria and aids in iron absorption to support overall wellness).

To make the deal even sweeter, Nikken is throwing in a bonus bottle of Kenzen® Mega Daily 4 for Men (an added retail value of $53), formulated to specifically address men’s physiological needs, such as a healthy prostate. All three nutritionals in the Father’s Day Pack help strengthen the immune system against environmental concerns, while, at the same time, helping to expedite recovery when needed.

We also have a special offer from Norwex® to help keep all of our environments cleaner with the best, most efficient products. The earth-friendly Norwex® Mission Bundle is now 10% off through the end of June.

The Mission Bundle includes:

  • Large Counter Cloth, teal/slate (set of 2/one of each color)
  • Chenille Hand Towel, heathered oatmeal
  • Mattress Cleaner
  • Cleaning Paste, mini
  • Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls (set of 3)
  • Body and Face Pack, coastal (pack of 3)
  • All-Purpose Cream Cleaner
  • Lysere® Illuminating Oil
  • EnviroCloth®, graphite
  • Dual-Sided Mitt, graphite/floral
  • Optic Scarf, petite, geometric

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there … and Happy Men’s Health Awareness Month!

For more information about clean living, please check out my website and schedule a call. I’d be happy to help guide you along your path to an even better version of you.

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