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Your sample package includes a swatch the envirocloth, window cloth and a sample of the laundry detergent plus an added sample of the Norwex body cloth which is amazing to remove make up with water only.

With all this, you can get started right away and remove a few of the silent poisons in your home.  The total value of this package is $119.  And it’s yours today for FREE. 

Caryn has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.  She was a registered dental hygienist and she retired 20 years ago with a disability.  She had agonizing muscle soreness throughout her body, which developed into brain fog. She could not think clearly so nothing was functioning properly in her body if the brain is not thinking clearly.  She also had bone density issues which were causing her pain in her joints.  There was nothing the medical community could offer her, and she was fine with that because she did not believe in the drugs due to the side effects.  She went back to school to learn natural health and after 4 years, she felt her body going downhill.

 That is when she was introduced to Nikken and started using the technologies. It took her 3 years to finally realize she was getting better and she realized it when she was able to dance at her daughter’s wedding.  Her agonizing muscle soreness has gone away, her brain fog is gone – she thinks very clearly and she is very sharp.  Her joints are improving.  The technologies are supporting her body so that she can feel comfortable and with the water system she is hydrated so that everything is working better.  The nervous system is the electrical system for our body that needs water to run it.  Being hydrated, everything is now working better.  She started using the nutritionals which come in powders you can mix into your favorite beverage, or pills you take once a day, and they are helping her body build strength.  The products have made a tremendous difference in her life – she feels younger and better than she did 20 years ago.

Dr. Caryn Willens

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