Here Are My Gifts to You…

Gift #1

Book your complimentary consultation to identify what is working well and what needs work, so that you can stop wondering and get peace of mind for you and your family.

Gift #2

Enter your information to receive a copy of my 7 simple steps to rid your body and home of the harmful poisons, and your Norwex sample package.  Your sample package includes a swatch of the envirocloth, window cloth and a sample of the laundry detergent plus an added sample of the Norwex body cloth which is amazing to remove make up with water only.

With all this, you can get started right away and remove a few of the silent poisons in your home.  The total value of this package is $119.  And it’s yours today for FREE. 

I just tried the showerheads. It’s so good, made a huge difference to my skin!

Thanks! It’s been a while since I’ve got out of showers without looking like an inflamed tomato 🍅

Yobe Qui


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