How Gratitude Helps You Sleep Better

It feels nearly impossible to talk about much in November without talking about gratitude. Thanksgiving (which is somehow right around the corner) serves up entirely more than delicious turkey and mouth-watering apple pie. It also serves up a healthy dose of gratitude. And since this Thanksgiving may be the first time in two years that many can gather safely around a table with their families, there is certainly a lot for which to be grateful.

It’s well-established that practicing gratitude improves a person’s health. There have been numerous studies conducted over the years clearly demonstrating the benefits both emotionally (we’re simply happier) and socially (more friends and better, stronger relationships), and with our personality (more optimism), career (better leaders and workers who can reduce stress and employee turnover), and health (decreased blood pressure and increased healthier habits). Talk about a worthy Return on Investment!

More Gratitude, Better Sleep

Another incredible benefit of gratitude that most aren’t as familiar with though is better sleep. Actually, gratitude has been shown to produce far better results than sipping warm milk and fluffing a pillow before bedtime. In fact, one study that included over 400 adults (40% with sleep disorders) found that the overall quality of sleep was greatly improved by gratitude. Thoughts of gratitude before sleep resulted not only in falling asleep more quickly but also in sleeping for a longer period of time.

It’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep has its own extraordinary benefits, but they are more far-reaching and impactful than one may initially think. Our friends at Nikken noted a number of benefits of getting the right amount of sleep, including:

  • Preparing the brain for learning activities.
  • Helping to create permanent memories after learning.
  • Acting like a transfer system for memories and learning.
  • Increasing immune system activities (poor sleep is associated with an increase in genetic stress activities and chronic inflammation).

So, what are some effective ways to incorporate gratitude into your own bedtime ritual? For starters, you can have a gratitude “check-in” when you get into bed each night by thinking about what you are grateful for that day. Practice naming up to five, or more, if you can. You can also practice gratitude breathing, where you align your breaths with those thoughts. For example, as you inhale, think of what you are grateful for, and as you exhale, release tension and any negative thoughts. Finally, you can keep a gratitude journal on your nightstand and commit to writing in it every night. Sometimes, the simple act of writing those thoughts down onto paper and seeing them in front of you amplifies feelings of appreciation and gratefulness.

Once you are relaxed, exuding gratitude for all that you have in your life, you probably want to lay down on the most comfortable mattress possible. And if your mattress doesn’t feel like the perfect fit for you, it’s time for a change. With Nikken fully understanding the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, they’ve developed the Kenko Naturest® Fit to place on top of your mattress. Designed with natural latex nodules to massage you while you sleep, the reflective fibers help keep you warm while promoting air circulation. Tourmaline interspersed between 800 gauss magnets help create a calming effect, to help you get your best night’s sleep, every night. And for the entire month of November, Nikken is offering 10% “cash back” on any Kenko Naturest® Fit purchase, in the form of Nikken Reward Points (NRP). Additionally, every Kenko Naturest®  Fit purchase qualifies as well as every Kenko Sleep Pack.

Just one more thing to be grateful for this month! Thank you, Nikken!

For more information about how to get the best night’s sleep and the overall health benefits it provides, please schedule a call. Together, we can navigate your journey to an even better version of you, for which you’ll definitely be grateful.

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