A Few of Our Favorite Healthier Lifestyle Gifts

The holiday season is upon us. A time of reflection and celebration, spending time with family and friends, baking cookies, long-standing traditions, and gift-giving. We are also at a time of self-introspection, often looking for meaning in the relationships we have and in all the little things we do. Many of us are opting to write notes instead of sending emails, to say a kind word rather than rushing to judgment, and to replace gift cards or other generic gifts with gifts that are more meaningful. Simply, we want our experiences to be more fulfilling overall.

Giving the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that one of the most valuable and fulfilling gifts you can give others is a gift that helps them achieve and maintain good health? It’s the gift that literally keeps giving all year long because the new habits adopted, and environmentally safe products used, will continue to benefit the recipient month after month and year after year. Thankfully, Nikken and Norwex have released their 2021 holiday gift catalogs to help us give just these types of gifts—gifts that will inspire our loved ones to live their best and healthiest lives. Each catalog is filled with innovative gift ideas that are not only beautiful but also provide enormous health benefits. We’ve chosen a few favorites (although it’s hard to narrow down!) here to help you out.

A few of our favorite sparkling Nikken gifts include:

  • Perfect Link Necklace with Kenko Heart Pendant – a piece that will complement any outfit and serve as a reminder of the importance of health.
  • Kenko Powerband (necklace or wristband) – with natural warming and calming effects.
  • Kenkotherm Cocoon – keeping your loved one cozy and warm all winter long.
  • True Elements Marine Organic Moisturizing Cream & Revitalizing Serum – helping maintain and boost minerals and hydration in the skin.

For the full Holiday Gift Catalog, as well as some amazing discounts, including 10% cash back on KenkoFit and FREE shipping through December 17th, please visit my page. You’ll find some beautiful new additions and additional savings throughout the Holiday Gift Catalog. 

Norwex also has some new items to help you give the gift of health this year. Some of our favorites include:

  • Ultra-Plush Towel Set – your loved one won’t have to leave the bathroom to feel like as if they are at the spa.
  • Limited Edition Eye Mask – sleeping any worries away in comfort.
  • Sugar Plum Hand Soap and Lotion – to carry a fresh holiday scent all day long (minus the harmful chemicals).
  • Limited Edition Kids Optic Scarf – perfect for the kids in your life (and lots of fun with friendly dragons and magical unicorns adorning the super soft microfiber material).

For Norwex’s full Holiday Gift Catalog, where you’ll find other great ideas and discounts, please visit my page.

This year, say goodbye to the generic gift cards and say hello to gifts that mean something and will inspire the recipients to live healthier. Creating a better connection to those you love is also creating a better connection to you. For more information, please schedule a call. As always, I’d be happy to help guide you along your wellness path.

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