Hydrating magnets have the ability to break down the molecules of H2O that make it more beneficial for our bodies. The large bundles of water molecules are being separated for more hydration when drinking water. Scientifically, atoms have a positive and negative charge, depending on their atomic structure. This structure can be polarized by adding or taking away electrons. Magnets serve to de-cluster the ions making them smaller by rearranging electrons. Changing the structure of the ions, changes the pH of the water, which allows it to be more alkaline.

Improved Hydration By Better Absorption

Magnets break down the cluster of H2O. Changing the structure of water with hydrating magnets will improve hydration. The smaller the molecules, the easier the absorption, and quicker the absorption of the molecules to your body.

Detoxification Through Higher pH Levels

Magnetized water, which is more alkaline, raises the pH of our body which allows our bodies to get rid of toxins. Magnetized water is believed to be more activating, cleansing, energy-building, and detoxifying. Alkaline water is widely recognized as better for your body than neutral or acidic water. To achieve this level of alkalinity means manipulation and declustering of the water at a molecular level. The magnets allow this to happen!

PiMag® Water Technology by Nikken

NIKKEN has developed the ideal system to restore the balance and the natural environment to our body.

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