Achieving and maintaining wellness have become exceedingly difficult over the past few years. While wellness has always required effort, recent challenges have brought it to the forefront in their disruption of the mental and physical wellness of millions of people. And unfortunately, many of them lack the knowledge or time needed to properly care for themselves and recharge their minds, bodies, and souls.

National Wellness Month, created in 2018 (prior to our world turning upside down), seeks to change this. August is designated as a time to spread awareness and educate individuals on proper self-care habits and the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Many of these habits are centered around clean living and sustainability to increase wellness not only in ourselves, but in the world around us.

Five Tips to Discover a New Healthier Version of You

1. Stay Hydrated with Filtered Water

Keeping hydrated is a staple of any self-care list, but many don’t consider that the type of water they drink is just as important. Tap-water came under siege (and rightly so) decades ago, with people getting sick from drinking water that contained unhealthy levels of pesticides, chlorine, and lead. This is not to say that everyone needs to buy pricey bottled water. Instead, try an at-home water filter. It removes these impurities and is eco-friendlier and more cost effective than bottled water. Many users reporting healthier skin and hair after using water filters attached to showerheads.

To help get you started, Nikken is offering the PiMag Waterfall System at 25% off through August 31st, and 20% off water filters through September 15th. Because PiMag® water is alkaline, it’s more easily absorbed and your body can make use of it more efficiently. The filter cartridge alkalizes the water to help maintain a pH of 8.5-9.5 and cut down the acidity in your body. The mineral stones remineralize the water. PiMag replacement water filters also help eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.

2. Keep Your Air Clean

The air we breathe has a direct impact on our health and future wellbeing. Breathing in impurities and allergens can worsen conditions like asthma today and lead to even more dangerous respiratory issues tomorrow. Keeping up with routine air filter changes, avoiding scented candles, and finding the cleaning products that work for you are low effort ways of ensuring the air in your home stays clean. However, if you find you want to go a step further, an air purifier can remove toxins and impurities from the air, especially benefiting people with pets or living in highly populated areas.

The KenkoAir Purifier® improves your indoor air quality to a higher level with an ultra-clean three level filtration system and negative ion technology – better for you and our environment. The three level filtration system captures up to 99.95% of 0.3 micron particles in the air. Nikken is also offering 20% off air filters through September 15th. Kenko air filters help you and your family stay healthy with clean indoor air while being ozone friendly. 

3. Ditch the Harsh Chemicals

Many name-brand or generic cleaning products contain active ingredients that have a negative impact on the environment. Chemicals end up in oceans, lakes, and streams, harming the wildlife that needs those water sources to survive. Switching to sustainable, homemade cleaners is a cheap and easy alternative that won’t be harmful once we are finished using them.

In avoiding chemicals, you can try out some of Norwex’s specials this month. Through September 1st, when you spend $99, you’ll get a complimentary bottle of Descaler, as well as a bottle of Odour Eliminator Concentrate. And when you spend $110, take advantage of a great deal on the Bathroom Scrub Mit (graphite for $15 – savings of $10.99)!

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and environment, with an emphasis on guiding us toward wellness—one small change at a time. Take account of what your body and mind is telling you and listen carefully. The messages are there, but it is up to us to stop for a minute and truly listen. Use these clues as a compass to navigate what makes you feel better each day and then learn how to incorporate those things more into your life.

5. Get Enough Sleep

It’s no secret – sleep has a huge impact on our health, especially mental health. There are a variety of studies that demonstrate the direct correlation between the quality of sleep someone gets and their overall mental health. One study, Sleep and Mental Health: The Latest Science and Tips to Improve Both, highlights the following key findings:

  • 35.2% of American adults get fewer than seven hours (the minimum recommendation) of sleep per night.
  • 72% of Americans work from their beds (50% higher than before the pandemic), causing significant sleep disruptions.
  • Those who have been previously diagnosed with a mental health disorder are more likely to have poor sleep quality.

The Kenko Naturest Fit and Kenko Dream sleep products help put an end to tossing and turning.  In all Nikken comforters, far-infrared, ceramic reflecting fibers provide soft, natural warmth.  Staying comfortable – not too cold or hot – can help you sleep better!  Magnetic technology surrounds you in a cocoon of magnetism and iconic comfort technology releases negative ions, like those found in soothing, relaxing forest air.  Chito Cotton fibers are woven to incorporate chitosan, an all-natural substance that can help bedding smelling clean and fresh.

It’s never too late to start taking your wellness seriously, and August is the perfect time to get started. If you need further guidance, check out the variety of resources and groups set up for National Wellness Month. To take it a step further and truly dive into your clean eating and living journey, please schedule a call. Together, we can navigate your journey to an even better version of you in a far better environment.

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