Not Just from Ghosts and Goblins

When I think about October, I think about more than pumpkin spice flavored everything. I think about the shift in energy that is palpable in the air—from summer to autumn; from hot, sunny days to cooler, brisk evenings; from summer barbeques to an abundance of harvest vegetables and fruits. And, of course, the enormous exclamation point at the end of it all … Halloween (with all of the spooky, otherworldly energy it provides).

For our purposes though, let’s talk about the energy in this world. So much of our lives comes down to energy—the energy we take in, the energy we exude, and the natural energies that surround us all.

World Vegetarian Month

When we think about the energy we take in, much has to do with how we eat. It’s probably no surprise then that October is also World Vegetarian Month. However, most are surprised that vegetarianism has been around since before even recorded history. With its benefits to our immune system and energy being well known for centuries, it is one of the oldest lifestyle choices recognized.

A vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help maintain a well-balanced immune system while providing essential nutrients. And collectively, the world has likely never thought about immune health as much as it has over the past year.

A vegetarian lifestyle has the following benefits that help augment our energy and benefit our immune system:

  • Supports heart health. Eating less meat helps lower inflammation, while eating more plant-based foods lowers body mass index.
  • Helps with weight loss. If most of what you eat is fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and you reduce carbohydrates at the same time, weight loss will likely result.
  • Reduce risk of diabetes. According to a study by Loma Linda University School of Public Health, cutting out meat may help to reduce the risk of diabetes in most people.

Other Tips on Maintaining a Well-Balanced Immune System & Energy

There are many other ways to keep your immune system well-balanced. A Nikken article reviews some of the top ones. They include:

  • maintaining Vitamin D levels (especially those living in colder climates, who don’t get as much sun in the winter months)
  • getting a good night’s sleep (6-8 hours of consecutive ZZZs)
  • reducing stress (meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and exercise are great ways to manage stress)
  • adding fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt) and mushrooms (shiitake, cordyceps, reishi, and maitake) to your diet

Additionally, innovative technologies have the ability to increase natural energies, whether it’s magnetic, warming, or negative ions. For example, Nikken technologies take their cue from these natural energies by adding magnets in many of their products to help support the earth’s natural magnetic energy, incorporating reflective fibers to absorb light energy, and offering the KenkoAirPurifier, which utilizes negative ion technology.

Norwex also offers many products that help enhance natural energies. As a special “treat” (no tricks needed) this month, Norwex is offering a Boo Bag for $59.99. What’s inside may be a mystery for now, but it is sure to create some positive energy all around. You have a choice of Boo Bags—Personal Care, Multipurpose, Kitchen Helpers, Everyday Helpers, Norwex Kids, Clean & Fun, Out & About, or Clean Face and Hands.

This October, let’s focus on our energy (not the energy of ghosts and goblins), including those foods we eat and their effect on our immune systems. Give it a try and eat less meat and more of those beautiful colors of fruits and veggies! Experiment with some new vegetarian recipes and see how your energy changes by the end of the month.  And let’s not forget, for an added bonus, ice cream is vegetarian!

For more information about enhancing your own energy and the natural energies around you, check out my website and customer specials. Together, we can navigate your journey to an even better version of you in a far better environment –schedule a call.

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