Protective 3 Layer Masks – Disposable (50 pack)


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   Each box includes 5 packs of 10 masks.  (50 masks total per box).

  • 3 Layers of protection
  • Ear-hanging type
  • 17.5cm x 9.5cm

Product Structure:  The product is 100% Spun bond in both outer and inner layer, the intermediate layer is 100% melt-blown cloth, and it consists of elastic nose bridge bar and soft ear hook.

Directions for use:  The product shall not be used in fever clinic, isolation ward, isolation observation ward, operating room, isolation ICU and other areas.

How to use:  Open the package, take out and mask, pinch the nose bridge clip, stick it on the nose bridge, the side with wrinkle direction downwards is the outside, and then wear the mask.  Adjust the nose bridge clip along the nose bridge with fingertips of both hands, and slowly press inwards from the middle to both sides till it closes to the nose bridge and face.

Storage conditions: The product shall be stored in the dray and ventilated environment free of corrosive gas.

Notes:  This product is only for one time use, please discard responsibly.  

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