KN95 Protective Mask (10 pack)


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KN95 masks come sealed in a pack of 10.

  • 0.3 Micron Particles Filtration
  • 5 Layers of Protection
  • Antibacterial and Dust Proof
  • Thickened Material
  • Comfortable and Easy to Wear

Executive Standard: GB 2626-2006

Mask Type: Earloop Mask

Instruction and Scope of Application:

Mainly used for filtering particles in air pollution environment in daily life, single use only. This product can’t be used in isolation ward, observation ward, operating room and other areas of hospital environment.

Use and Storage Precautions:

  1. Confirm the mask package is intact.
  2. Timely replace the mask, not recommended to use it for a long time.
  3. Stop using this product if you feel uncomfortable or adverse reaction.
  4. Store in a dry and ventilated conditions. Keep the mask in its original shape.

Notes: This product is only for one time use, please discard responsibly.

Additional information

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