Microfiber is a thin, light material that is used to make a very absorbent and breathable cloth. It is better for cleaning than cotton because of its dirt and bacteria capturing capabilities. Cotton will essentially push the dirt/dust around the surface, whereas a microfiber cloth will pick up the dirt/debris. Many modern microfiber cloths are created from synthetic materials, such as polyamide or polyester. The fibers can be split and then woven together to create a net-like structure, making the cloth strong and ideal for many uses around your home and office.

Some Common Uses for Microfiber Towels

  • Dusting home/office
  • Scrubbing bathroom counters
  • Cleaning kitchen counters/appliances
  • Cleaning interior/exterior of a car

Microfiber is Durable

Microfiber materials can be used and washed over and over again. It is expected that a microfiber towel can be washed 400-500 times before it will need to be replaced.

Microfiber is Absorbent

Microfiber towels offer a high level of absorbency. This is one of the main reasons it is such a popular choice for handling spills. When a good microfiber cloth interacts with a spill, the microfiber acts similar to a vacuum, sucking the water up instead of pushing the water away. A good microfiber towel has 82/20 or 70/30 polyester to polyamide ratio.

Norwex Microfiber Products

Our Counter Cloths are more sustainable and absorbent than paper towels and napkins–and they’re prettier too!

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